CLIENT Val di Luce, Firenze
STRUCTURE aei progetti
DESIGN 2005-2006
AREA 12.000 sqm
TOTAL COST 30 mio €

A new high quality Hotel complex was realized in Abetone’s ski resorts. The typical mountain wood architecture blends with the contemporary interior design both of the Hotel (32 rooms and 45 suites) and of the beauty farm, culminating in the glass pyramidal structure covering the crystal swimming pool that opens the view on Abetone white peaks’ panorama.

The project aimed to interpreter and blend functional and aesthetical needs of the designers with a modern interpretation of the traditional mountain building technologies, and the research of a total performance reliability.

Foundations and low floors have  r.c. structures, while roofs and upper floors are made in solid wood and are realized with elegant joints while maintaining a final traditional style. The only totally modern element is the glass pyramidal structure covering the main swimming pool of the beauty farm. An almost pure form of light and lightness followed detailed studies on materials (inox-steel and ultra transparent glass) and a complex design. The almost total  invisibility of the buildings create a magic place where the external landscape is perceptible.