CLIENT private
STRUCTURE aei progetti
MEP Corrado Muccioli, Enrico Montevecchi
DESIGN 2009-2010
AREA 250 sqm
PHOTO asv3

“The house is located in a hilly terrain on the edge of the urbanized area and the site has a front overlooking the valley and a side protected by the presence of a wooded area upstream.
The design intention was born from the desire to strongly blend the house with the ground, with a materiality that detects the relationship with the surroundings. The predominant materials are few: stone, wood and reinforced concrete. These material choices reinforce the desire to create a building that seems to be born from the ground and live with it without disappearing, in continuity with the colors of the Abruzzo natural context.
The planimetric system is central and originates from the sharing spaces (living room and dining room), the true heart of the building. Reinforced concrete blades covered in stone branch vertically and horizontally from the center of the planimetric composition, drawing the other rooms of the house, making the views of each room more private with the outside.

The internal / external relationship is underlined by large full-height openings oriented like the view they frame; the vertical window of the living room which frames the forest behind while the horizontal window of the dining room frames the valley below.
The main rooms are located on the ground floor, while on the upper floor there is space for an additional guest room and some retreat spaces such as a small study and a living room with a privileged view towards the nearby and imposing Maiella.
The roof is green, a choice that is in continuity with the desire to mitigate the landscape insertion of the new building and at the same time becomes an opportunity, in synergy with the important insulation of the walls, to make the building energetically passive”. Fiorenzo Valbonesi