CLIENT Hydea per Palazzo Tornabuoni, Firenze
ARCHITECTURE Andrea Noferi Architetti Associati
STRUCTURE aei progetti
MEP Protecno
DESIGN 2004-2005
AREA 18.000 sqm
TOTAL COST 18 mio €

Palazzo Tornabuoni is a private residential building created through the restoration of a magnificent 15th century palace in the heart of Florence, Italy. Situated on one of Florence’s most aristocratic city-centre streets this historic palazzo was built by Giovanni Tornabuoni in the half of fifteenth-century who commissioned the design to Michelozzo.
Some of the most splendid artworks date from the sixteenth century, when the Palazzo became the property of Alessandro de’ Medici, the future Pope Leo XI. As Archbishop of Florence, Alessandro transformed the Palazzo into his seat of power, commissioning leading artists of the day to decorate its grand halls.

At the end of the sixteenth century the Corsi family acquired Palazzo Tornabuoni. During the following century and a half they continued to adorn and improve the Palazzo, unifying its diverse architectural styles as well as commissioning new decorative elements. Many of the hand carved marble mantelpieces, as well as the delicate stucco work framing the frescoes, date from this time.
Conducted under the supervision of Florence’s Soprintendenza ai Beni Artistici e Storici, a meticulous four-year restoration has returned the Palazzo to the splendour of its Renaissance origins, restoring magnificent Mannerist statues to their pristine state, uncovering hidden frescoes, and revealing elaborate stucco ceilings.

At the same time, the Palazzo’s infrastructure has been updated to offer the most hi-tech, yet unobtrusive, levels of comfort, style and convenience. The interior design balances contemporary flair with timeless elegance, creating a seamless blend of ancient frescoes, marble floors and stone fireplaces with custom-made furniture, warm modern fabrics, state-of-the art kitchen and bathroom fittings and hi-tech communication and entertainment facilities.